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I have some sets of xml in which I have to add namespace prefix on nodes which doesn't have any prefix.

I have written a code which works for all nodes other than root element.

Please point me to the thing which I can do change the root element prefix as well.

 private void ReplaceFile(string xmlfile)
     XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
     var a = doc.CreateAttribute("xmlns:mailxml12tm");
     a.Value = "http://idealliance.org/Specs/mailxml12.0a/mailxml_tm";
     doc.DocumentElement.Prefix = "mailxml12tm";
     //foreach (XmlNode item in doc.SelectNodes("//*").Cast<XmlNode>().Where(item => item.Prefix.Length == 0))
     //    item.Prefix = "mailxml12tm";

The xml file:

    p3:ApptType="Pallet" p3:PickupOrDelivery="Delivery" 
    p3:ShipperApptRequestID="4490B0C07355" p3:SchedulerCRID="6498874" 
    <SubmitterTrackingID xmlns="http://idealliance.org/Specs/mailxml12.0a/mailxml_tm">2CAD3FBC71B1E1517021</SubmitterTrackingID>
    <DestinationEntry xmlns="http://idealliance.org/Specs/mailxml12.0a/mailxml_tm">No</DestinationEntry>
    <OneTimeAppt xmlns="http://idealliance.org/Specs/mailxml12.0a/mailxml_tm">
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Have you seen this answer: http://stackoverflow.com/a/2255337/219344 by Jeff Sternal?

If you've already declared your namespace in the root node, you just need to change the SetAttribute call to use the unprefixed attribute name. So if your root node defines a namespace like this:

<People xmlns:s='http://niem.gov/niem/structures/2.0'>

You can do this and the attribute will pick up the prefix you've already established:

// no prefix on the first argument - it will be rendered as // s:id='ID_Person_01' TempElement.SetAttribute("id", "http://niem.gov/niem/structures/2.0", "ID_Person_01");

If you have not yet declared the namespace (and its prefix), the three-string XmlDocument.CreateAttribute overload will do it for you:

// Adds the declaration to your root node var attribute = xmlDocToRef.CreateAttribute("s", "id", "http://niem.gov/niem/structures/2.0"); attribute.InnerText = "ID_Person_01" TempElement.SetAttributeNode(attribute);

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You can use the following:

XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
doc.LoadXml("<test xmlns='123'/>");
XmlElement e = doc.DocumentElement;       
e.Prefix = "a";


<a:test xmlns="123" xmlns:a="123" />

Founded in msdn.


Since it does not work with your main element you can use .Replace("<", "<Prefixe:")); on your root element as a String. It's not pretty but it does the job.

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But when you save the the doc it will remain same as test instead of a:test –  Kamran Shahid Jun 21 '12 at 5:38
Please check my xml file.It is not working with it i think due to some namespaceuri problem or else –  Kamran Shahid Jun 21 '12 at 12:18

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