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I have a problem with the jQuery clueTip plugin.

I'm initialize the plugin in this way:

    $("#contentTable > tbody > tr").each(function () {
            splitTitle: '|',
            showTitle: false,
            escapeTitle: true,
            dropShadow: true,
            cursor: 'default',
            cluetipClass: 'info',
            positionBy: 'mouse',
            attribute: 'tooltip'

It is working, but after clicking and hovering a few times over my td elements, the title attribute is filled again and the original tooltip is displayed together with the cluetip tooltip (in Internet Explorer).

Does anybody have an idea?


Page Load:


After clicking/hovering/acting:


I'm using jQuery 1.7.2 and cluetip 1.2.5.

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I've switched to simpletip.

I have no such a problem with this plugin, so this will be my choice.

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