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Hello everyone i have one problem with javascript magic. When i execute this code:

var page = require('webpage').create();
var url="http://google.com";
page.open(url, function (status){
  if (status!== "success") {
    console.log("Fail to load: "+url)
    page.evaluate(function() {

console have only 1 and 3 and no 2 =/ Can anyone say why(answer evaluate doesnt running too obvious)?

If i paste after my code DOM manipulation example(but it never execute) i have my two=\ Its damned magic and we all doomed or i just noob and forgot something important?

Thank you.

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PhantomJS won't log console messages in .evaluate() statements by default. Just include

page.onConsoleMessage = function (msg) {

See this page for more details/in-depth example:


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From Google Code

Any console message from a web page, including from the code inside evaluate(), will not be displayed by default. To override this behavior, use the onConsoleMessage callback.

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thanks alot i was close to insanity... –  Torv Jun 20 '12 at 15:07

If you only want select logs to come through, you can return the value that you'd like to print.

For example:

console.log(page.evaluate(function() {
    return '2';
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