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Is there any way, through which I can render different page tabs for different facebook pages, by using the same "page tab app".

Something like:

For FB Page "Blah" the app should render the page from the url ""

For FB Page "Blah-Blah" the app should render the page from the url ""

For FB Page "Blah-Blah-Blah" the app should render the page from the url ""

Can I achieve this by using the same facebook app?

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In PHP it is very simple. Get signedRequest (this is how the array will look like) and find out where the app is loaded from. Don't forget that the app can be loaded via ht*tp:// so there will be no key page. (I had to add * in the link because I am new here so I couldn't post this because it contains more than 2 links.)

        case 'pageID1':

        case 'pageID2':

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I read about signed_request, but I think it is used to recognize the user which is visiting your app on facebook. Like you can control that, what will appear before we get the signed_request(anonymus user), and what will appear after when we get the signed_request(recognized user), by passing the signed_request value as a part of URL's query string. Because I know for a page tab app you can specify only one URL in "Page Tab URL" option, and then you have to do "Save changes". How am I suppose to give that URL as a variable value in "Page Tab URL" option, when it demands for a fixed URL value? – Shekhar Jun 21 '12 at 11:24

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