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I'm currently creating a project type in Netbeans. I followed the basic tutorial but added a few things.

This is the logical view

    public org.openide.nodes.Node createLogicalView() {
        FileObject root = project.getProjectDirectory();
        DataFolder findFolder = DataFolder.findFolder( root );
        Node node = findFolder.getNodeDelegate();

        return new TextNode( node, project );

Basically the root is the project folder.

This is my filter node.

private static final class TextNode extends FilterNode {

    final NodeJSProject project;

    public TextNode( Node node, NodeJSProject project ) {

        super( node, new NodeJSProjectNode( node ),
                new ProxyLookup( new Lookup[]{
                    Lookups.singleton( project ),
                } ) );

        this.project = project;

And my custom override for filter node.

public static class NodeJSProjectNode extends FilterNode.Children {

        public NodeJSProjectNode( Node node ) {
            super( node );

        protected Node[] createNodes( Node key ) {
//key.getName() only returning root objects.  No children
            if ( key.getName().startsWith( "." ) ) {
                return new Node[]{};
            return new Node[]{ copyNode( key ) };

Basically I'm trying to ignore hidden files. I was thinking this was done by the IDE already but I guess not. The code I currently have works for the the root directory. It will not add .DS_Store, .git, etc. I'm trying to ignore all folders/files in the child directories. I'm not sure how this is done using the createNodes method. The only key's that seem to be coming in are the root nodes/files.

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I have been following same tutorial and I have been able to realise a result that suits my special case; in my project type I want to see only 'xlsx' or 'xls' or 'txt' file types.

But I can see you took a different turn than the tutorial directs. Here's your constructor for TextNode

super( node, new NodeJSProjectNode( node ),
            new ProxyLookup( new Lookup[]{
                Lookups.singleton( project ),
            } ) );

This is the tutorial's template:

        // new FilterNode.Children(node),
        new ProxyLookup(
        new Lookup[]{

If you were to follow the tutorial as it goes, I believe I can help.

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