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i'm a webdeveloper and at the moment i'm using a very annoying and i think to difficult method for my cms for the following;

i'm making a gallery and i want to give the user the choice how to order/sort the images. so he can change the order of showing them (http://jqueryui.com/demos/sortable/). but what to do next; how to safe this order in the database? at the moment i have a extra table with the id's, in which order they have to appear on the website. way to difficult thinking i guess.

who knows a better method? this is hard to maintain aswel. i'm working with codeigniter, and jquery.

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Add one extra field [photo_ord] to your Database table for Image_Order
Create Image List

<li class="left" id="someId">        
<a href="#" >
<img src="image path here" alt="error" id="image_id_here" class="img_thumb"/>

Function handler (It Will called when any image will move)

<a href="#" onclick="change_order()" class="btn_1">Save Order</a>

Function will make ajax call for Update Image-Order

function change_order()
    var urlst="";
    var co=1;
                alert("Image order changed.");            
            alert('error occure');

File : xhr_change_image_order.php (will Update Database)

$url = $_POST['orader'];
$photo_arr = explode("*", $url);
foreach ($photo_arr as $k => $ph) {
    if (strlen($ph) > 1) 
          // Update Query 
          // $arr[0]  will contain image id
          // $arr[1]  will contain image order            
            UPDATE `photo` SET `photo_ord` =  $arr[1]  WHERE `photo_id` = $arr[0];
echo "changed";

After that when create Gallery Simply fetch data using ORDER BY clause

SELECT * FROM photo ORDER BY  photo_ord asc or DESC
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