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I have a small domain (6 servers) and I need to use MSMQ. The codebase for this project is from a 5 year old project at a company that used WIN2K3 servers, and all features worked properly.

I have enabled MSMQ features on all servers (including AD integration).

I have created PUBLIC queues on all servers.

When the code attempts to list all the public queues on a remote server, the code indicates there are 0 public queues.

MessageQueue[] MqList = MessageQueue.GetPublicQueuesByMachine(HostName);

It does not throw an exception, it simply cannot see the queues.

Also, when I connect to a remote machine with the Computer Management snap-in, I am not able to see the Message Queueing node. I was able to see remote message queue nodes in WIN2K3. (See Image)enter image description here

I think it is a permission issue, but I have tried to open permissions as wide as possible and I am still getting no love.

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I notice you are remotely connecting to the w2k8 server. Does it look the same if you go onto the server itself? – Tom Redfern Jun 20 '12 at 20:45

The method GetPublicQueuesByMachine() is indeed not available over remote access.

You can see this in a feature matrix in the MSDN documentation: MessageQueue.GetPublicQueuesByMachine:

The following table shows whether this method is available in various Workgroup modes.

 Workgroup mode                         Available
 --------------                         ---------
 Local computer                         No
 Local computer and direct format name  No
 Remote computer                        No
 Remote computer and direct format name No

I just recently found that most methods of the Queue class have a feature matrix like this. :-)

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I also found that the GetPublicQueuesByMachine method did not work on a Win2K8 server.

I found that GetPublicQueues DID work. So I used it and pulled the queues I needed that way.

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