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I have an app that uses MagicalRecord, and I'm pre-populating the database with a large amount of data that is used for reference. Within that same data model, I have user-definable information pertaining to things the user may do in the app.

The app was rejected because the pre-populated data is supposed to be marked as "do not backup". So, I'd like to have that data in a separate datastore so that I can keep the user data as backupable.

Is there a way to have two separate datastores using MagicalRecord?

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I think it's possible, but not too easy though. As you know, to work with more than one database, you should bring some changes to your PersistentStoreCoordinator, so it will have two PersistentStores. After this, you Core Data stack would look like this: enter image description here

The other way is two make two separate PersistentStoreCoordinators, each carrying one store.

In Magical Record, there are several class methods for adding stores in NSPersistentStoreCoordinator+MagicalRecord.h.

  • (NSPersistentStore *) MR_addInMemoryStore;
  • (NSPersistentStore *) MR_addAutoMigratingSqliteStoreNamed:(NSString *) storeFileName;
  • (NSPersistentStore *) MR_addSqliteStoreNamed:(id)storeFileName withOptions:(__autoreleasing NSDictionary *)options;

I think, that this is the place where you could do the thing you want.

Also i should mention, that the whole proccess of setting up the stack goes in MagicalRecord+Setup.h

+ (void) setupCoreDataStackWithStoreNamed:(NSString *)storeName

So you can add your Stores and Coordinators there. I've never managed it by myself, that was just a brief investigation of a possible solution.

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