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I am looking for a web site where I can create categories and put my products pictures with some information related to products. it should have an admin page so I can upload pictures and submit products over it.

It should be made with Asp.net and ms sql server (if it includes a db)

Thanks in advance...

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Actually I've kind found what I was looking for.


but if you have more recommendations It'd be appreciated also :)


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Have you considered dashCommerce? Check out the dashCommerce demo to see if it fits your needs.

dashCommerce is a larger application that will handle all the product/payment/shopping cart type features that sites want to use. Sounds like you are interested in the product catalog type usecase. This should satisfy your needs and more.

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Thanks I am checking out that. –  Tarik Jul 12 '09 at 9:15

nopCommerce - It is huge and 100 times bigger than dashCommerce.. I had tasted the bitterness of dashCOmmerce in performance part. I suggest you start with nopCommerce.


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NopCommerce is really good.

It's written in C#, it's free to use and it's highly customisable!


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Suteki Shop : http://code.google.com/p/sutekishop/

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Dude, thanks but that web site kinda sucks. I mean what I found was at least looks cooler :) Thanks for recommendation tho :) –  Tarik Jul 12 '09 at 9:14

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