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I'm pulling information from the WordPress database. It's definitely pulling all the correct information and if I display the information with print_r( $res, true ) it shows what i require which is:

[term_id] => 8 [name] => Africa [slug] => africa [COUNT(] => 1

I need to echo the COUNT( but I can't seem to manage this? My full code is here:

I have managed to echo all the other information, just not the COUNT(

Thanks in advance!

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When selecting, use column aliases, like this: COUNT( AS id_count

Then it will appear as the field name in result set, instead of COUNT( and you will be able to access it by $rs->id_count

Also note that in your original code, line 22 will break the code. It should have been $counter = "COUNT(";

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Thank you so so much! I will name my first 3 children Poncha. –  cdb Jun 20 '12 at 17:35

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