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How do I incorporate a Rails engine ApplicationController (it's methods) into a main app? I need to access these engine controller methods, and I'd like to do it without using an 'Include' in my main app's ApplicationController.

module MyEngine
  class Engine < Rails::Engine
    initializer  "myengine.load_helpers" do
      ActiveSupport.on_load(:action_controller) do
        include MyEngine::Helpers

The above was posted on A way to add before_filter from engine to application, but my understanding was that helpers are only view-usable, while I need need to access them in my controllers.

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I did this before for a rails gem called dynamic_menu

basically it looks like

require 'dynamic_menu'

module DynamicMenu
  class Engine < Rails::Engine
    initializer "dynamic_menu.menu_items" do |app|
      ActionController::Base.send :include, DynamicMenu::MenuItems

So I would assume the one you would want would be

require 'myEngine'
class Engine < Rails::Engine
  initializer "myengine.load_helpers" do |app|
    ActionController::Base.send :include, MyEngine::Helpers

You want to add the require of the .rb file you are using found in lib, then it just involves sending the module to the ActionController::Base

See my gem on github it is pretty simple in nature and may be able to give some guidance. Comment and I can explain it more.

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Ooops, meant to say 'without', not 'with using an "Include"'. Edited my post with the fix. So I definitely want an engine and want it seamlessly incorporated into my main app. –  Carson Cole Jun 20 '12 at 17:13
@C Cole that makes quite a bit more sense. I will update the answer –  Travis Pessetto Jun 20 '12 at 17:18
Very good. This does the job. –  Carson Cole Jun 20 '12 at 18:14

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