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I have an two variables as CSV strings. Example:

 $csva = "1,4,7,10,39,12";
 $csvb = "4,1,12";

I want to search if all elements in $csvb exist in $csva.

Is there a simple function to do this?

Note: I know we can loop through this to compare each element. But I am wondering if there is any php function to do this.

Any ideas?

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function csv_contains( $haystack, $needle ){
  return ! count( array_diff(
    explode(',',$needle ),

var_dump( csv_contains( "1,4,7,10,39,12", "4,1,12") ); //true

var_dump( csv_contains( "1,4,7,10,39,12", "4,1,12,999") ); // false
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Nope, the closest thing you can get is:

if(count(array_intersect(explode(',', $csva), explode(',', $csvb))) == count(explode(',', $csvb))){
    echo 'All items there';
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You can use array_intersect function for this purpose:

array_intersect() returns an array containing all the values of array1 that are present in all the arguments.

First step is to convert your CSV into an array. You can use str_getcsv function, or for simple case such as yours, just use explode.

$csva = explode(",", "1,4,7,10,39,12");
$csvb = explode(",", "4,1,12");
$result = array_intersect($csva, $csvb);
// return count($result) == count($csvb);

The $result variable contains all values that are present in both arrays.

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