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The document.ondrop seems to work in chrome, but not in firefox?

Attached is an example: http://auth.letschat.info/test2.php

If you drop a file on to the page it should pop up an alert box. However it doesn't work in firefox, but does in chrome.

When I use firefox console the document.ondrop handler is correctly set.

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Assuming the original javascript looks like this and works in Chrome:


It can be changed to work in both Firefox and Chrome. Firefox requires you to stop the default action from occuring when you drag a file over, which can be solved by using the ondragover event. The following javascript code will also work in Firefox:

document.ondragover = function(event){

I found this solution by looking at w3schools and looking for the differences between their simple example and your code.

From html5rocks on slide #18 there is also an html5 example of another way to use drag and drop by adding the listener to the page.

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