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I am writing a java client for a web service. I used wsimport to generate the proxies. Copied them over to my workspace project (in eclipse). Wrote a simple program using couple of ws calls. Now when I want to step into a soap call, eclipse says that source code for the file was not found (com.sun.xml.internal.ws.client.sei.SEIStub.class). It's using this class from rt.jar which is pointing to the src.zip that came with the installation. I noticed that src.zip does not contain the missing java files, so I downloaded them separately and tried adding them to zip file. I also tried copying them over to my project to see if I can trick eclipse into accepting them as the source file.

I don't write/debug Java on a regular basis so please help me out here. I really want to debug and see what jax-ws is doing differently from axis as the call works in the later implementation.

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I believe that you can set the following System property to put JAX-WS in debug mode.


See JAX-WS Guide - Logging.

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