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I am making a custom tool (code generator) for VS2008. I have the wix installer putting in all the registry entries for the visual studio, but what it is not doing is the equivalent of regasm mytool.dll

It is getting into the GAC by virtue of the Assembly=".net" attribute of the File element. But I am not even entirely sure that getting into the GAC matters. I think it would work with a regasm /codebase mytool.dll


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Does this help? <a href="tramontana.co.hu/wix/lesson5.php">http://…; Also, look at this post: <a href="stackoverflow.com/questions/543995/…; –  mlessard Jul 11 '09 at 0:03
It helps a bit. It looks like the current answer is to use the Heat tool on the dll. I'd like something a bit more simple however. –  Jeff Martin Jul 13 '09 at 23:24

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Here's the link to my answer to that ...

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