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I have a subversion repo with an odd layout:









I know, I know, this was stupid. I should have had a trunk, tags, and branches directory underneath each Project. However, is there anyway to convert this to git (for a particular project) with history?

Most of the git-svn tutorials assume the standard layout, and do not cover this particular situation.


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If you intend to abandon the SVN repository once it has been converted to Git, then you should consider splitting the SVN repo prior to the conversion.

svndumpfilter can be used to split the two (or more) repositories into independent repos (with their complete history). Once this is complete, git svn can be used to import them.

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svndumpfilter doesn't work well on multi-project repositories where directories and files have been moved / copied many time throughout the history of the repository. svndumpsanitizer works better in this case. See miria.linuxmaniac.net/svndumpsanitizer –  Joshua Davis Jan 5 '13 at 15:34

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