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I'm trying to get a list of all files and urls on a webpage. It's something like the list given on when you type in some url. Now I'm trying to do this in php by using cURL or wget. Does anyone has a suggestion about how I can get this kind of file/path lists?

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Continue developing your codes using cURL, to avoid most security blocks when harvesting those content. You are actually building a sort of "google-bot", good luck. – Dexter Huinda Jun 20 '12 at 17:59
$data = strip_tags($data,"<a>");
$d = preg_split("/<\/a>/",$data);
foreach ( $d as $k=>$string ){
    if( strpos($string, "<a href=") !== FALSE ){
        $string = preg_replace("/.*<a\s+href=\"/sm","",$u);
        $stringu = preg_replace("/\".*/","",$string);
        $url = $string


or you can use this function:

function getAllUrls($string)
    $regex = '/https?\:\/\/[^\" ]+/i';
    preg_match_all($regex, $string, $matches);
    return ($matches[0]);

$url_array = getAllUrls($string);
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This will surely get blocked when harvesting pages from protected domains. Avoid using file_get_content, fopen, file. Usually a cURL implementation is allowed. – Dexter Huinda Jun 20 '12 at 18:02
@Dexter Huinda, actually I'm trying to get the file list by using wget -p $url on some url. But I find that wget only get the index.html from most websites. Do you have any suggestion how I can improve my wget codes? I tried wget -p with user-agent and randomly wait settings, but they did not work. – Jay H Jun 20 '12 at 19:26
the $url must be an absolute path to the site – Timo Dörsching Jun 20 '12 at 20:34

Once you have the document in a string use regex to find all the URLs.

Match URLs with regex

Use regex with PHP

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