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Unity.AutoRegistration works fine when a type name matches an interface name, for example, TClass and ITClass. I want interface names go without prefix "T", like IClass and need that IClass to match TClass.

But when I rename the interface, the auto-registration fails. Do I have to match the type/interface names, or is there a way to accomplish my need?

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After consulting with the author, here is the required code:

    .Include(If.ImplementsITypeName, Then.Register())
        type => type.GetInterfaces().Any(i => i.Name.StartsWith("I") && i.Name.Substring(1) == type.Name.Substring(1)), Then.Register())
    .Include(If.ImplementsSingleInterface, Then.Register())
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The code for AutoRegistration has not been touched for a very long time. The TecX project on codeplex contains an enhanced configuration engine for Unity that started as a port of StructureMap's configuration. This engine also supports conventions for registration.

One of the default conventions registers the class MyService as implementation of the interface IMyService. It looks as simple as that:

public class ImplementsIInterfaceNameConvention : IRegistrationConvention
  public void Process(Type type, ConfigurationBuilder builder)
    if (!type.IsConcrete())
    Type pluginType = FindPluginType(type);
    if (pluginType != null && 
  private static Type FindPluginType(Type concreteType)
    string interfaceName = "I" + concreteType.Name;
    Type[] interfaces = concreteType.GetInterfaces();
    return Array.Find(interfaces, t => t.Name == interfaceName);

If you need some custom naming convention it would be very easy to modify the sample above. Using that convention to configure your container would look something like this:

var builder = new ConfigurationBuilder();
builder.Scan(s => 
            s.With(new MyCustomConvention());
var container = new UnityContainer();
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