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I would like to have a post-build hook or similar, so that I can have the same output as e. g. the IRC plugin, but give that to a script. I was able to get all the info, except for the actual build status. This just doesn't work, neither as a "Post-build script", "Post-build task", "Parameterized Trigger" aso.

It is possible with some very ugly workarounds, but I wanted to ask, in case someone has a nicer option ... short of writing my own plugin.

Thank you very much.

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Use Groovy script in post-build step via Groovy Post-Build plugin. You can then access Jenkins internals via Jenkins Java API. The plugin provides the script with variable manager that can be used to access important parts of the API (see Usage section in the plugin documentation).

For example, here's how you can execute a simple external Python script on Windows and output its result (as well as the build result) to build console:

def command =  """cmd /c python -c "for i in range(1,5): print i" """
manager.listener.logger.println command.execute().text

def result =
manager.listener.logger.println "And the result is: ${result}"
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Thank you, that sounds very good. Is it possible to call an external tool, like a script, from there? – smlgbl Jun 21 '12 at 7:00
Updated the answer. – malenkiy_scot Jun 21 '12 at 9:08
That seems to work, yet the output of the command is not printed. – smlgbl Jun 21 '12 at 9:16
Forgot to mention: cmd /c applies on windows. On Unix-like systems I think you need to omit it. What about the printout for build result? – malenkiy_scot Jun 21 '12 at 9:19
The build result is fine, but the command doesn't seem to get executed. I figured the windows cmd ... The problem seems to lie with the quoting of the command. When I leave out the quotes, it works, but I need quotes for the command that I actually want to send – smlgbl Jun 21 '12 at 9:23

It works as mentioned with the Groovy Post-Build Plugin, yet without any extra quoting within the string that gets executed. So I had to put the actual functionality into a shell script, that does a call to curl, which in turn needs quoting for the POST parameters aso.

def result =
def build_number =
def env =
def build_url = env['BUILD_URL']
def build_branch = env['SVN_BRANCH']
def short_branch = ( build_branch =~ /branches\//).replaceFirst("")
def host = env['NODE_NAME']
def svn_rev = env['SVN_REVISION']
def job_name =

"/usr/local/bin/ Deployed ${short_branch} on ${host} - ${result} - ${build_url}".execute()
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Try Post Build Task plugin...

It lets you specify conditions based on the log output...

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