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I have an application where the ordering of operations matters with respect to the creation of new map markers, which are based on dynamically generated marker icons, as the marker creation has to execute synchronously with other operations. The problem is that markers are stored in arrays, and since the V3 API is designed for asynchronous operation, when I start code to make a new marker and then tamper with the array, the marker reference is different by the time the marker is created and added to the map. I am not thrilled with using V2, despite the fact that it is synchronous, as it is not the active map tool anymore. There is no apparent callback or onload type event associated with new marker instantiation, at least per the API and trolling posts. I have tried pre-generation of icons with visible: true, then updating the visibility with the idea of moving them around once they are part of the DOM instead of creating them on the fly. However, I have many thousands of markers, so the pre-loading rather sucks for speed and usability. Any ideas on maybe binding a load event to google.maps.Marker or extending it to include a callback that they might like to share?

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My eyes are bleeding, it would be nice to see some paragraphs. – Dr.Molle Jun 20 '12 at 19:45
It also looks like you are using the term "marker" to refer to a google.maps.Marker object AND the image that actually displays on the map (the marker icon). It would help immensely if you would differentiate those terms. – Chad Killingsworth Jun 20 '12 at 21:57

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