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I'm coding responsive layouts for some big website, I want to test it on most popular mobile devices, as for iphone,ipad there is plenty of information and I can test it on e.g. ios simulator then about nokia lumia there is no any useful information, I don't even know what is web browser there, is there any place where I can find any information about it? Do you have any experience regarding developing www for nokia lumia?

Thank you for any help ;-)

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You can get all the information related to Lumia devices on the specification pages. There is also a nice collection of guidelines, tutorials that Nokia maintains but they are not specific to web development.

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It looks like, the viewport meta tag:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">

is most crucial in developing responsive designs for any mobile devices, like a magic wand it solved most of my problems. Hope it helps for someone :)

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