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Hopping from Java Garbage Collection, I came across JVM settings for NUMA. Curiously I wanted to check if my CentOS server has NUMA capabilities or not. Is there a *ix command or utility that could grab this info?

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I'm no expert here, but here's something:

Box 1, no NUMA:

~$ dmesg | grep -i numa
[    0.000000] No NUMA configuration found

Box 2, some NUMA:

~$ dmesg | grep -i numa
[    0.000000] NUMA: Initialized distance table, cnt=8
[    0.000000] NUMA: Node 4 [0,80000000) + [100000000,280000000) -> [0,280000000)
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Mine doesn't even say "No NUMA configuration", matches at all (linux 2.6.18 / centos)... –  Kevin Jul 26 '13 at 6:18
dmesg for me also lacks any mention of "NUMA", because it's too early. grep /var/log/dmesg instead, as it is more likely to have the complete log. (And what does "NUMA turned off." mean?) –  Thanatos Feb 24 at 17:55
For me, dmesg also lacks mention of "NUMA", but I have no access to /var/log/dmesg which need root privilege. I run find /proc|grep -i numa and saw some numa_maps files. I guess this is also a symbol that NUMA is enabled. –  Roun Jun 18 at 18:28

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