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I am able to create.. something... but I can't see it in the webview of my account

require "gdata"
require "awesome_print"
require "nokogiri"

@client =
@client.clientlogin('me', "mypass")

def post_doc
  # Return documents the authenticated user owns
  feed = @client.get('').to_xml
  entry = feed.elements['entry']  # first <atom:entry>

  acl_entry = <<-EOF
  <entry xmlns="" xmlns:gAcl=''>
    <category scheme=''
    <title>Testing Ruby GData gem</title>
    <gAcl:role value='writer'/>
    <gAcl:scope type='user' value=''/>

  # Regex the document id out from the full <atom:id>.
  # -> document%3Adfrk14g25fdsdwf
  ap entry.elements['id']
  doc_id = entry.elements['id'].text[/full\/(.*%3[aA].*)$/, 1]
  response ="{doc_id}", acl_entry)


it seems that I can only upload documenst if I change the value of the gAcl:scope type='user' field.

On my google account, Docs are gone and replaced by google drive, would that be a problem?

also, is there a list of the fields in an entry somewhere, so I can specify the body of the document I'm trying to create?

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