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Hi all I seem to be having a problem with my jQuery mobile script.

$(document).bind('pageinit', function()
        var count=0;
        var pages = ["#home","#rich","#dan"];





So what will happen is on first click it works. Count goes up to 1 and the page changes to #rich. Second click the count goes to 2 the page flashes real quick to #dan and then flashes right back to #rich and the count goes back down to 1. If i click again i get an error saying"page") is undefined

No idea why. Any help?

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I am not too familiar with jquery mobile but does pageinit run every time a new page is loaded? so when page is on #rich coming from home, does pageinit run? – Huangism Jun 20 '12 at 19:37
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As Huangism suggested, pageinit is run every time a new page is loaded, most likely resetting your counter. Try setting up your click event using $(document).ready() or some other event that only fires once.

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I switched to document.ready and it fixed going forwards. I edited my comment to include my code to go backwards which is now giving me the same problem. – Nolski Jun 20 '12 at 23:18

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