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I have a div element like:

<div id="abc">....</div>

It is hidden or display:none by default on page load.

I know want to append this div and its content somewhere else, and make it visible, but the original should remain not visible (or I can remove it).

How can I do this?

I'm currently appending it but it is showing up in 2 places.

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What are you currently doing that it shows up in 2 places? Show us your code! –  Bergi Jun 20 '12 at 19:19

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Take the HTML from your hidden div and append it to your target using .html() and .append()

var html = $('div.hidden-div').html();

To show the target div then remove the old one, do the following:

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Deep clone, append, remove id attribute and show.


Remove or modify your id attribute, having multiple elements with same id is troublesome. If you happen to use CSS classes you could also use it this way:

.template {
  display: none;

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If it is OK to remove it (as you said), just append it to the other element. The element will automatically be removed from the first place and never show up there.

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