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I am trying to set the letterspacing for a specific 'block' of text in fpdf. I have searched and have only found one way to set the letterspacing for the whole doc, and even that didn't work. The text is posted to the php fpdf generator.

$pdf->SetFont('Arial','b',85, LetterSpacing Here?);

Any help?

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Unfortunately you can't do that directly with only FPDF functions. What you need here is to code a new function wich recreate Cell() with some new parameters...

But wait... someone already did that!

It's here: FPDF Add-On by Patrick Benny

It's such a great job that you don't even need something else! :)

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This works well if you need to fill the cell, but what if I just want 10% extra letter spacing? Designers/typographs often has special needs, that fpdf/fpdi doesn't solve. –  qualbeen Feb 12 at 16:32

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