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I'm still using Pharo 1.3 with Omni-Browser and the Dejavu size 12 font. The default is size 9. So I made my fonts bigger. Now when a new debugger pops up and I click 'Debug' or 'Create' some of the buttons are cut off on the right side.

Where can I adjust the default width of the debugger?

Is there a way to make the width dependent upon the default font size?

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There is no way for a user to do that. You'd have to go into the code for the Debugger and make the change. If you're comfortable doing that, and just want a hack for your own personal image, the following will work...

  1. In Debugger>>addOptionalButtonsTo:at:plus:, after the line buttons := self customButtonRow., add the following line buttonRowWidth := buttons initialExtent x. When prompted, "declare instance".

  2. Change Debugger>>openFullMorphicLabel: to the following

    "Open a full morphic debugger with the given label"
    | window |
    window := UIManager default openDebugger: self fullMorphicLabel: aLabelString.
        width: buttonRowWidth + (2 * window borderWidth).
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