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Given an ASTNode in eclipse, is there any way to get the corresponding source code line number?

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You can get the line number of an ASTNode using the below code

    int lineNumber = compilationUnit.getLineNumber(node.getStartPosition()) - 1;

the compilation unit can be obtained using the below code

    ASTParser parser = ASTParser.newParser(AST.JLS3);

    // Parse the class as a compilation unit.
    parser.setSource(source); // give your java source here as char array

    // Return the compiled class as a compilation unit
    CompilationUnit compilationUnit = parser.createAST(null);

You can visit the node (say MethodDeclaration node) using the below code:

    compilationUnit.accept(new ASTVisitor() {

        public boolean visit(MethodDeclaration node) {       
            int lineNumber = compilationUnit.getLineNumber(node.getStartPosition()) - 1;
            return true;
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ASTNode has getStartPosition() and getLength() methods which deal with character offsets. To convert from a character offset to a line number you should use CompilationUnit's getLineNumber() method. CompilationUnit is the root of your AST tree.

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