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I have a spring bean that I get like this within a method-

repAppCaller = CensusFileSpringUtils.getBean(CensusFileWfConstants.Spring.Bean.REP_CALLER);

but this bean has a property that is set just 1 time and not for every request?


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Maybe I do not understand your question, try to clarify it, but I think you have to use prototype scope for creating new instance per call, by default in spring installed singleton scope.

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Yes, I wanted a prototype. Thanks. –  Maryam Jun 21 '12 at 21:34

I suppose the instance of repAppCaller that is obtained must expose a method like setProperty(...) to enable you to have such a requirement.

If so, you can use OncePerRequestFilter to fetch the request property you need to and then assign it using repAppCaller.setProperty(...) to be used in later phases of the same request.

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