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I have developed a search application with Lucene. I have created the basic search. Basically, my app works as follows:

  • My index has many fields. (Around 40)
  • User can enter query to multiple fields i.e: +NAME:John +SURNAME:Doe
  • Queries can contain wildcards such as ? and * i.e: +NAME:J?hn +SURNAME:Do*
  • Queries can also contain fuzzy i.e: +NAME:Jahn~0.5

Now, I want to find, which field(s) contains my search term(s). As I am using wildcard and fuzzy, I cannot just make string comparison. How can I do it?

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If you need it for debugging purposes, you could use IndexSearcher.explain.

Otherwise, this problem looks like highlighting, so you should be able to find out the fields that matched by:

  • re-analyzing your document,
  • or using its term vectors.
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