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I want to know if anyone can help me with this doubt.

I have 2 text files and a program in Java, compiled, the program uses the information found within files to stream it.

The program use a filename parameter, the same program should be used for all files.

example structure


second 0
data1 data2
2      1
3      2
3      1
.      .
.      .
.      .

java programname file1


second    6
data1     data2
2         1
3         2
3         3
.         .
.         .
.         .

java programname file2

programname with file1 must start sending the information in the second 0 and programname with file2 starts sending in the second 6, after start, each second send a line of data, would like to know how I can get the two begin to send information from the second indicated.

the real problem is with 10000 files, they have to start sending data according to the second indicated

any ideas? thanks for the help

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What? Can you clarify? – Brendan Jun 20 '12 at 20:55
If you are starting your program with one file at a time, there is no multithreading going on. Your program will need toread in all the files, note their start time and register a timer (or just use System.currentTimeMillis()) for each thread to start – Attila Jun 20 '12 at 21:04

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