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I'm getting an "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'AS'" error, but i can't seem to find whats incorrect?

UPDATE tblMedlem AS M 
INNER JOIN tblNavn AS N ON M.fldNavnID = N.fldID 
SET N.fldNavn=@Navn
,   M.fldAdresse=@Adr
,   M.fldPostNr=@Post
,   M.fldBy=@By
,   M.fldTlf=@Tlf
,   M.fldEmail=@Mail
,   M.fldStrID=@StrID
,   M.fldStatusID=@StatusID 
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Your update can only affect a single table at any time. Your SET section seems to try to affect both N and M. Can you explain which table you're trying to update here? – Aaron Bertrand Jun 20 '12 at 21:54

Perhaps what you meant was:

-- N.fldNavn = @Navn -- not legal!
   M.fldAdresse = @Adr,
   M.fldPostNr = @Post,
   M.fldBy = @By,
   M.fldTlf = @Tlf,
   M.fldEmail = @Mail,
   M.fldStrID = @StrID,
   M.fldStatusID = @StatusID 
FROM dbo.tblMedlem AS M 
INNER JOIN dbo.tblNavn AS N 
ON M.fldNavnID = N.fldID 
WHERE M.fldID = @ID;

But as I suggested in my comment, you can't update both tblMedlem and tblNavn with a single UPDATE.

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I need to update both fldNavn from tblNavn, (which is represented in tblMedlem with an ID in fldNavnID) and i also need to update all the M fields. – Lonnie Jacobsen Jun 20 '12 at 22:03
Then you need to write two UPDATE statements. Again, an UPDATE statement can only affect one table (unless you write a trigger to handle updating the second table). Which would still be two UPDATE statements. – Aaron Bertrand Jun 20 '12 at 22:05

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