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Which is best, organize i18n resource keys by component?

FILE_TAB_TITLE:    'Files'
SAVE_AS_MENU_ITEM: 'Save as...'
SAVE_BUTTON:       'Save'

Or by what they mean?

FILE:    'File'
FILES:   'Files'
GROUP:   'Group'
SAVE:    'Save'
SAVE_AS: 'Save as...'
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I arrange mine by function in an hierarchy, such as

  choose: choose...
  save: save
  cancel: cancel
  preview: preview

  summer: summer
  autumn: autumn
  winter: winter
  spring: spring

people: !!pl
  0: no people
  1: one person
  n: "%1 people"

is_are_people: !!pl
  0: are no people
  1: is one person
  n: "are %1 people"

and then in my helpers, routes or haml files (I use Sinatra mostly) I can refer to Unicode::capitalize( in my 'Save' button and "There #{t.is_are_people some_people.count}." in my heading, etc.

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I use terse, upper case versions of the English phrases. For example (JavaScript):

SAVE: "Save",
LOAD: "Load",
PLEASE_SELECT_ITEM: "Please select an item.",
PRESS_NEXT_TO_PROCEED: "Please press the Next button to proceed."

This way, the developer doesn't have to look up the content of a token to understand what it actually means.

I don't have redundant entries for items appearing in different places (e.g. like "Save" appearing in a menu versus on a button etc.) unless they appear in different modules that could potentially get translated individually.

Also, title/caption, prompt and error message tokens are organized into different files.

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I think this is a convention more than a rule, so the answer might be "whatever seems more logical".

I've started to create my i18n resource keys, and I've adopted the following convention:

  1. Header with a "title section", starting with #
  2. Dot separated hierarchical notation
  3. Keys organized alphabetically for easier access


#File access
file.field.title = File
file.field.subtitle = Click here = Files

#User = First and last name
user.password = Password
user.username = Username
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