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I building a website to act as an online store, but I'm not selling anything. I want to give the possibility of sellers to register (manual process) and then put their items on the store catalogue (all mixed up). I have experience with Drupal and Wordpress, and I know both have several e-commerce plugins, but I'm kind of lost reading about so many different ones and not knowing if they can do this or not. Anyone can give me an hint?

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I would not recommend those CMS/Blogs.. Try Magento which is free also - One of Magento's advanced features allows for management of multiple websites and stores within one installation.

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maybe my question was not clear. I do not need multiple websites or stores. only one website, one store, one catalog, but with multiple sellers accounts that can add their own products. thanks for the suggestion though, I will check magento –  Nuno Donato Jun 21 '12 at 14:21
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