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I have a Marionette.ItemView that uses a CSS class to style new items differently:

class Happenator.Views.Option extends Backbone.Marionette.ItemView
  tagName: 'li'
  className: =>
    return 'new' if @model.isNew()
  initialize: ->
    @bindTo @model, "change", -> @render()

When the model is saved and updated, everything refreshes but the 'new' class remains on the 'li'. Is there a good way to update the enclosing tags' class on updates?

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Yes, the 'new' class remains on the 'li', because in fact Backbone uses the className property only right before an initialize method call. Take a look at this answer for more explanations.

But why don't use jQuery .toggleClass or .removeClass? Something like

render: =>
    unless @model.isNew()


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Makes perfect sense. Thinking about my options, I now think the cleanest may be to avoid setting the class on $el and instead set if via a conditional in the template. –  Kris Braun Jun 21 '12 at 4:51

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