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I'm attempting to work with the reachestimation objects defined at

Both the bid estimation and impression estimation that are part of the reach estimate contain an entry for location that is given with a simple integer.

I've searched throughout the documentation and can't find any listing of what these numbers correspond to.

Does anyone know where I can find this information and/or what the different values are for?

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Have you tried looking that id up via the Graph API explorer? Maybe that’ll shed some more light on what it is representing. From I’d guess it could be a specific city or something. – CBroe Jun 21 '12 at 17:32

If they're not documented, it's probably a bad idea to rely on them, but it refers to the different locations on Facebook in which the ad will be shown.

I don't know which values correspond to which locations, but presumably one refers to News Feed and one refers to the normal right-hand-side ads bar

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You can search for mapping between the location name and the integer by using the adgeolocation endpoint. Here's the curl example:

curl -G \
  -d "type=adgeolocation" \
  -d "q=Washington" \
  -d "location_types=['city']" \
  -d "access_token=XYZ" \
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