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App is build with Sencha Touch 2.0/PhoneGap 1.7/PhoneGap Build.

The App works under normal network conditions.

After the app is launched, if the device network is changed (if you disconnect from WIFI, or your out of range, or you go into airplane mode - any change) any ajax calls after the disruption fail with a 'communication failure'. This happens even after the network is restored. To get the App to work with the ajax services again, I have to restart it.

I have added event listeners for both PhoneGap offline/online events, they kick off when I expect them to so I know I'm going off and on line as expected.

On the online event callback I've tried:

  1. navigator.app.exitApp(); (kills the app, but this just gives me a nice black screen)

  2. var d = new Date(); window.location.href = "index.html?_dc=" + d.getTime(); (restarts the js - but still errors)

Does anyone know how to force PhoneGap to reconnect - or anyone have an idea how best to approach this?


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This is only an issue with Android devices. For now - in the online event callback, I'm doing the following: –  JeffWithG Jun 21 '12 at 23:37
if (device.platform == 'Android') { Ext.Msg.alert('Network Error', 'The network status changed, restarting the App is required.', function() { navigator.app.clearCache(); navigator.app.clearHistory(); navigator.app.exitApp(); }); } –  JeffWithG Jun 21 '12 at 23:37

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