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I have a HTML5 database App.val.DB that I would like to perform a select statement on using App.val.DB.readTransaction. This works fine on BlackBerry/PlayBook/Chrome, but on Android (within a WebView) it results in the following TypeError exception.

06-21 00:36:07.276: D/NotepadActivity(387): TypeError: Result of expression 'App.val.DB.readTransaction' [undefined] is not a function. -- From line 271 of file:///android_asset/script/main.js

Here is the related JavaScript:

      if(App.val.DB != null) {
                function (t) {t.executeSql("SELECT * FROM " + App.schema.tableName + " ORDER BY "" DESC, "+App.schema.ID+" DESC", 
                        function (t, res) { /* Success */
                        function (t, err) { /* Error */
        } else {
            App.log("Database was NULL");
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