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Using heroku was easy when I was only using it for a few pet projects. Now I want to use multiple accounts (professional vs personal) and am having a hard time getting this to work (logins, ssh keys, etc). I can't find any documentation or recommended workflow, so how do you manage switching accounts to create/push apps on heroku?

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The heroku-accounts plugin solves this issue.

However, even though it's a solid plugin, be aware that it manipulates your git config settings under the covers which can, occasionally cause some issues or unintuitive errors. If you have a good handle on how Heroku works in relation to your git config/remotes it's a good option.

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Heroku accounts plugin is definitely the way to go - it should be part of the core Heroku gem :) –  John Beynon Jun 21 '12 at 7:21
Looks like there have been some updates to the plugin since I last tried it. It also looked like I tried using it in the past so there were some remnants of the plugin that I didn't realize were interfering with my git pushes. Anyway, updating the plugin and trying it again resolved my issues. –  Andrew Jun 21 '12 at 13:54

I had this plugin installed before and used with the heroku gem.

Today, I - uninstalled the gem - installed heroku-toolbelt - installed the heroku-accounts plugin again

but every time I tried to use the heroku command, I was getting an error:

 'No such account: personal'

Problem was that my .gitconfig still had a setting that said:

account = personal

Once removed, all is good.

I also along the way, removed any references to heroku from .ssh/config

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Removing that info from the .git/config file worked for me too. Thanks! –  Andrew Jan 30 '13 at 7:59

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