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OK my background, I learned the ever basic C# for a semester. I have done a project in NetBeans (Java)(Small, it was a auto run CD and most of the source was given to me I just had to organize it mane make it user friendly as well as run). I have ever so basic understand of how OOP works. This is the end to my 'extensive experience'

That is what I have to start with, now where I want to go.

I want to be build a MASSIVE MMO. (Every addicts dream I know, build what gives you pleasure) I want to make it a Sandbox, fairly similar to EVE and how I never have to load to new stuff(always loading far enough in front and in real time that loading screens are no more), I want it to be massive like that. (There is a lot more detail I can put in but for this questions, the idea of the sandbox where I need to start). I want to build the engine my self. (or with a group of people, what ever) But I dont want to buy or use one and be limited to what they alow, I want our imagination to limit us not others.

So this is my goal and where the question apexes, with my limited knowledge, where do I start and how do I start if I want to build my own engine (open box style) and develop a game around it?

I woudl like it to be cross platform ... I knwo some people sya that is near impossible and the cost to maintain goes up exponetually, but i feel like it will become more of a norm by the time I am at releae date with this.

Caveats: I hate technical books ... they frustrate me and are way to dry, and assume knowledge on things and I get more frustrated then learning or enjoyment out of learning with them (I dont mind if guides and such are written, just need to be simple and not full of terms that are not explained). I learn a lot better with hands on and Audio explanations. Videos are a big plus too :). (that is all honest!)

If I need to be better or explain more please ask me too and I would be willing to with expand in detail on any part. Let me know! Thank you guys and I have been really enjoying StackOverFlow. You guys rock :)

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Sorry, this type of question just isn't suited for Stack Overflow (see the FAQ). Good luck, though. It's no small project... – Ryan O'Hara Jun 21 '12 at 1:51
"I hate technical books" is a bad mind set. I am a part time game developer myself and actually have a working game, which I intend to release within the next month. I started with very basic knowledge myself. What I'd like to say is that you should not try and avoid technical issues, as they are essential to your success. Especially for a MMO. Game engines may not be a bad idea either, even if you just use it for compatibility reasons. – Denzil Jun 21 '12 at 11:34
So asking for a good starting point is not a good question for SOF? @ minitech And i dont really hate them ... I lose interest in them because they always go of topic and talk like a dry teacher who has his 10 year! (lol, just my op form the 5 I have started and yet to finish you know.) @ Denzil – jackeduphard Jun 21 '12 at 16:29
@jackeduphard I had the same issue before, but am set on finishing this one, and really am learning a lot. I am trying to involve some friends this time, others who program, and draw graphics etc. This way we keep each other motivated. Sometimes I sit for days on a particular technical coding issue, but usually reach some conclusion. Keep trying, you will get better at it! And read up some stuff. Look at these examples for instance. Maybe not what you need, but help for specifics such as movement. You will find similar things on the net for – Denzil Jun 22 '12 at 15:49
for other problems. All of them aren't too interesting or just too complicated, but just keep trying and always get new ideas! – Denzil Jun 22 '12 at 15:50
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I agree this is a bit off topic for this site, but will share some advice anyway.

I say go for it. I was in your shoes many years ago; lots of newbie programmers have exactly the same ambitions. Mostly no one ever finishes, but that's not the point - the main thing is to have fun, and hone your programming skills.

Writing a multiplayer game requires mastery of a lot of tech. Network sockets, password encryption, database management, and more and more. Ironically, the more you learn the more you'll realize the code you wrote last week was crap and needs completely rewritten. :-) But that's okay, that means you're learning.

If you want to end up with an actually playable, fun game, I would suggest ratcheting down your expectations. Trim down the number of techs you need to master to the bare minimum. Focus on making a very simple game around just one or two techs. Force yourself to get the game 100% done, upload it, and then move on to a new game building on what you've just learned.

Note that while you want to write the engine and everything yourself, you may actually find it to be more productive to use an existing open source engine. Dig into its internals and tweak/rewrite bits as you go. Working on someone else's code may seem dreary but it's really the best way to learn programming. Plus you'll have something playable from day one.

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Bryce, thanks for taking a stab at my over whelming question, I dont expect to be able to do it today type thing, but I want to get more basics down and I have been working on a text based RPG ... it is small but it is coming along. I figure after I finish the little adventure I can start on a junk simple engine. – jackeduphard Jun 21 '12 at 16:32

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