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I have written a simple C# app using SharpSVN to query the status of a file prior to attempting an add. The examples I've seen in various places for this very purpose involve calling the GetStatus method of the SvnClient, passing in the full path and an out parameter to a collection of SvnStatusEventArgs.

My understanding is that, for a file, GetStatus should return with an SvnStatusEventArgs collection having a count of exactly one, with a status among NotVersioned, Missing, Normal, and so on.

In my application, my call to GetStatus to a file under source control returns a Collection count of zero.

        SvnClient foo = new SvnClient();
        Collection<SvnStatusEventArgs> statuses;
        foo.GetStatus("C:\\Temp\\svnu\\Program.cs", new SvnStatusArgs {Depth = SvnDepth.Empty}, out statuses);

The value of statuses.Count is zero, when I am expecting 1 with a statuses[0].LocalContentStatus value of Normal. Is this expectation incorrect? For a call to a path referencing a file not in source control, the call works with a status[0].LocalContentStatus value of NotVersioned.

The path is verified to be a working copy, and the file Program.cs is, in fact, enlisted in Subversion. I'm running SharpSVN version 1.7005.2163.13448 and VS2010.

Many thanks in advance for clearing up my obvious confusion.

EDIT Some more info: After modifying, but not committing, Program.cs, this same code snippet now returns a single status value with LocalContentStatus of "Modified." After committing the file, the original behavior (no returned status value) returned.

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.Status() and .GetStatus() only return 'interesting' status nodes. You can make it return all nodes by setting .RetrieveAllEntries on the args object. –  Bert Huijben Jun 28 '12 at 23:53
That's great info, Bert. I will try that and advise at my next opportunity. –  David W Jun 29 '12 at 14:06

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Apologies for the delay in getting the answer posted based on Bert Huijben's feedback. I'm posting the answer here just FYI for everyone's benefit.

Modifying the original GetStatus call to set the RemoveAllEntries property of the SvnStatusArgs object did, in fact, solve this problem, and causes local (but uninteresting :) ) copies of files to have a return status count of 1, with a .LocalContentStatus of "Normal," as desired.

foo.GetStatus("C:\\Temp\\svnu\\Program.cs", new SvnStatusArgs {Depth = SvnDepth.Empty,
                                                               RetrieveAllEntries = true}, out statuses);

Many thanks.

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I have seen this behaviour before. However, I cannot seem to get it to happen now. When it initially happened, I was under the impression that it was happening because of unusually long paths. But right now, I am trying a really long path and it seems to be fine.

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I got the same behavior as noted by David W. I tried setting RetrieveAllEntries as noted by Bert Huijben eg svnClient.GetStatus(tstpath2, new SvnStatusArgs { Depth = SvnDepth.Empty, RetrieveAllEntries = true, }, out args); and now get a collection with a count of 1.

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