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I new to Symfony.

I want a piece of code only to show on pages that are publicly available. Is it possible for Twig to detect if the page is public?

The page is under IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY, but I still want the piece of code to show even if the user is already logged-in.

For Example: (shows the code, publicly available) (user login, publicly available, shows code)
//user is not logged in (only available to logged-in users, code is hidden)
//user goes to the home page, still logged-in (must show the code, publicly available)

I know I could manually include the code for my public pages, but is there a way to automatically detect if the page is outside the firewall?

Please Help. =)

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You can hide parts of twig template with a check like so:

{% if is_granted('IS_AUTHENTICATED_REMEMBERED') %}
    {# stuff only logged in users can see #}
{% endif %}
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Sorry I've modified the question to make it more clearer. hope you got the answer =) –  bernardnapoleon Jun 21 '12 at 10:51


{% if is_granted('IS_AUTHENTICATED_FULLY') %}
    {# stuff only logged in users can see #}
{% endif %}

Check the doc here:

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i guess there is no way to do this. =(

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