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I have:

  <File Id='MantSegEXE' Name='MantSeguridad.exe' DiskId='1'
     Source='..\MantSeguridad\bin\Release\MantSeguridad.exe' Vital='yes'>
     <Shortcut Id="desktopMantSeg01" Directory="DesktopFolder"
         Name="MantSeg 1.1.0" WorkingDirectory='INSTALLDIR' Icon="MantSeg.ico" />

but I get this error:

 error LGHT0204 : ICE43: Component MainExecutable has non-advertised shortcuts. It should use a registry key under HKCU as its KeyPath, not a file.
 error LGHT0204 : ICE57: Component 'MainExecutable' has both per-user and per-machine data with a per-machine KeyPath.

and the msi file if built and the shortcut is created and I think without any problem so far

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Found the answer in

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Getting a 404 at that link. – Bevan Apr 17 '12 at 1:43

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