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I have templates that are compiled on production builds using socketstream and Hogan.js. The problem is that when I am on the client side and fetch the template, I need to bind it to a JSON language file with a set of key value pairs. The files have the naming structure such as de.json and have contents such as: { "thanks": "danke" }

If on the server I know what language the user has selected, how do I deliver the correct language json file to the the client in order to render the correct view for the user?

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does your clientside i18n library not load the resource file like in i18next.com (node.js and clientside)? –  jamuhl Oct 22 '12 at 11:23

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Don't you have the language in a session's variable? It'd allow you to easily know what to render.

res.render( user.language + '.json' );
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