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When I am trying to run an android application which uses Google API I get the following error

[2009-07-11 11:46:43 - FirstMapView] Installation error: INSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_SHARED_LIBRARY
[2009-07-11 11:46:43 - FirstMapView] Please check logcat output for more details.
[2009-07-11 11:46:44 - FirstMapView] Launch canceled!

Can anyone help me solve this error?

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To get past INSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_SHARED_LIBRARY error with Google Maps for Android:

  1. Install Google map APIs. This can be done in Eclispe Windows/Android SDK and AVD Manager -> Available Packages -> Third Party Add-ons -> Google Inc. -> Google APIs by Google Inc., Android API X

  2. From command line create new AVD. This can be done by listing targets (android list targets), then android create avd -n new_avd_api_233 -t "Google Inc.:Google APIs:X"

  3. Then create AVD (Android Virtual Device) in Eclipse Windows/Android SDK and AVD Manager -> New... -> (Name: new_avd_X, Target: Google APIs (Google Inc.) - API Level X)

    IMPORTANT : You must create your AVD with Target as Google APIs (Google Inc.) otherwise it will again failed.

  4. Create Android Project in Eclipse File/New/Android Project and select Google APIs Build Target.

  5. add <uses-library android:name="com.google.android.maps" /> between <application> </application> tags.

  6. Run Project as Android Application.

If error persists, then you still have problems, if it works, then this error is forever behind you.

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Could someone please explain how running the app successfully on a Google API-enabled emulator will solve the problem of the library missing on the real device? I fail to see the connection. –  mcmlxxxvi Feb 24 '13 at 12:14
I am getting this error for com.google.android.gms.auth ... the above steps dont seem valid for this error –  sheetal_158 Apr 6 '13 at 17:26
There are not libraries or such missing in my case. All require are installed. Yet I am having an issue installing .apk app into emulator. It fails with unknown installation error. What could be this whole issue... ? –  bonCodigo Sep 5 at 9:13
@bonCodigo Do you got any solution ?I am getting the same problem. –  user2894326 Nov 12 at 6:34

I am guessing from "FirstMapView" that you are trying to use Google Maps. Make sure you have your <uses-library> element in your manifest, that your project is set up to target API level 3 (android create project -t 3 ...), and that the AVD you are testing with is also set for API level 3 (or you are testing on an actual device with Google Maps on it).

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Now i got the answer through some search on net and it is like before i used Android 1.5 as target api, after that i change target from Android 1.5 to Google API. it was solved now. but anyway thanks for help. –  Brijesh Patel Jul 11 '09 at 13:08
Ya thats true after change to API level to 3 error solved. thanks for your support. –  Brijesh Patel Sep 2 '09 at 11:32
use GOOGLE API! :) –  cV2 Jul 23 '11 at 12:02

You can solve it be running on Google API emulator.

To run on Google API emulator, open your Android SDK & AVD Manager > Available packages > Google Repos > select those Google API levels that you need to test on.

After installing them, add them as virtual device and run.

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  1. Open eclipse
  2. Goto:

    project>Properties>Android> select: google APIs Android 4.0.3

  3. Click Icon:

    Android Virtual Device Manager>Edit> Slect box in Tabget>Google APIs APIsLevel15
    and select Built-in: is WQVGA400 > Edit AVD > Start

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This works on the emulator. Many thanks –  Mugen Mar 31 '13 at 12:32

I got this same error when installing to an actual device. More information and a solution to loading the missing libraries to the device can be found at the following site:


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While this link may answer the question, it is better to include the essential parts of the answer here and provide the link for reference. Link-only answers can become invalid if the linked page changes. –  Salman Zaidi Apr 11 at 6:52
            android:required="false" />

if required is true, maybe you need to change

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oH God Thanks man –  Arslan Ahmad Jul 8 at 5:22

This happens when you are trying to run application on emulator. Emulator does not have shared google maps library.

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Another way to solve this problem is to install the missing libs that you need.

You can download the libs and see how to install here.

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I am developing an app to version 2.2, API version would in the 8th ... had the same error and the error told me it was to google maps API, all we did was change my ADV for my project API 2.2 and also for the API.

This worked for me and found the library API needed.

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When I try these solutions.
I solved with:
create a new virtual device( select Google APIs(Google Inc)-API Level 15 replace android 4.0.3-APILevel 15 ) then run again. It solved.

I think it's just because the device have no google apis~

IDE:android-studio OS:ubuntu 12.04

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