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I'm using jQuery deferred objects so I can pull data from multiple sources , however not sure how best to code in a loading message that displays whilst everything is being resolved and then hides when everything is resolved OR rejected


 jQuery.when(loadData('ws-get-shops.php', {shopId:123}),loadData('ws-get-customers.php')).then(updateResults,showError);

var loadData = function(url, data){

    var jqxhr = jQuery.ajax({

    return jqxhr;
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You can add (or show) the loading message right before you start the ajax calls, like:


and then delete (or hide) it in the updateResults and showError function when they finish, like:

function updateResults(...) {

function showError(...) {

You can also add another function as the third parameter to the then function which is called when the when function makes progress and update your loading message to show a percentage or something.

Reference: http://api.jquery.com/deferred.then/

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