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I am trying to figure out the most straightforward and safe way to count the number of active sessions using a memcached storage option. With DB based session storage, I can just count the number of rows in the table but can't do the same thing with memcached.

Thanks, Vikram

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Memcache explicitly does not provide a way to iterate over the keys in use. You can read or write based on a specific key, but you can not get a list of all keys or iterate over them. This is a limitation of memcache.

Unfortunately, a before_filter won't work because sessions can be expired in memcached without your app being notified about it.

Why do you want to get this information?

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Hi there, Thanks for the answer. I want this information to display the number of users on the site, whether logged in or otherwise. Vikram –  Vikram Goyal Jul 11 '09 at 22:22

I don't think you can do that with memcache.

Must admit I am yet to use MemCacheStore but you could probably implement something using before filters in the application controller with a cron job and a table in your database.

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