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I have 2 jquery vars:

var contVar = $('#container');
var linkNameVar = $(this).attr('id'); //for example <div id="test">

What I need is to combine them to access #container .test, i.e. for it to look like:

$(contVar .linkNameVar)

How do I:

  1. add a . in front of linkName to turn it into a class.

  2. then combine the 2 variables into 1 selector.

I looked at the .add() documentation but it doesn't seem to be what I need.

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Try this, you could use the second parameter as the context for selector.

$('.'+linkNameVar, contVar)
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This should work:

contvar.find('.' + linkNameVar)
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thank you, this works well also, I chose the other answer because they answered me first. –  muudless Jun 21 '12 at 6:32
var yourNode = $('.' + linkNameVar, contVar)
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if the <div id-"test"> is a child of <div id="container"> then you have to do :-

var contVar = $('#container');
var linkNameVar = $(this).attr('id'); //for example <div id="test">
var linkNameVar1 = $(this).attr('class'); // for example <div class="test">

contVar.children('#'+linkNameVar); // if test is an ID then like this
contVar.children('.'+linkNameVar1); // if test is a class then like this

Let me know if there is any confusion or you have some other requirement.

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