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My question might be basic but i want it to clarify. i have one html form. it contain 2 submit button and some links. on click of one of the link i am trying to submit the form by java-script but not able to do so. but when i make all the button as normal button and submit the form by JavaScript then i am able to submit the form by link too.

Now my question is - if we have submit button in the form then can we submit the form by java-script too?

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give some code to play – swapnesh Jun 21 '12 at 5:19
Submit button automatically submits the form only you should have proper form tab on the page and action attribute – Ajay Beniwal Jun 21 '12 at 5:21

You don't need a submit button to submit a form - period. You can submit a form by javascript regardless of whether or not you have any fields or buttons at all, all you need is a form element.

My magic crystal ball tells me your form submits just fine, but your serverside script was written poorly and depends on the name/value of a submit button being sent.

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Yes, you can, use the onsubmit event and then submit the form use javascript.

For example use jQuery:

$('#your_form').on('submit', function() {
  if (/**some condition**/) {
  return false;
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If you submit your form with a link, i suppose you use this kind of code :

<a href="link" onclick="form.submit();">Submit my form</a>

This is wrong because you submit the form and then you go on the link, you have to put "return false;" after your submit():

<a href="link" onclick="form.submit();return false;">Submit my form</a>
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