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I'm implementing various things at the moment, but the one thing that boggles me is Android Login Mechanism. I'm not so sure which login mechanism to choose from in different applications (where all of them are accessing internet).

Let's say I have two apps:

  • A: This app basically should connect to the server and let users chat - we can see the online user list (no roster, everybody is friend with everybody), so it's a chatting application.
  • B. This app should authenticate to the server and let users post messages to their WALL or something, so when the other user comes online it will instantly display those messages to him.

I'm deliberately using "connect to the server" trying to be generic, since this is what I want to know. What type of authentication should I use, so that my server knows that the user is legitimate one:

  • 1) Custom Registration + Login: I don't want to use that, since users don't want to register another username and there are a lot of alternatives available.

  • 2) OpenID: I should use this when I only need authenticated users, without the need to access their private information on whatever site. I'm not too fond of this, because a browser needs to open for this to work.

  • 3) OAuth: The same as OpenID, but I can also get access to private resources of the user. Here is the same problem, a browser needs to open exchanging the keys and tokens, so it doesn't make too good user experience.

  • 4) AccountManager: This is a very good option, but I don't like it, since it's not a part of the application. I'm not even sure what should happen when the user hits the Login button, and AccountManager pops up. Should I choose the existing account alraedy listed in the AccountManager, what if I want to choose a different account, like Yahoo, etc - can AccountManager register it, login to it, and return the application - authenticated.

I would very much like to hear the existing implementations of all of the 4 alternatives that I can use. I know there are a lot of them out there and I don't want them listed here, I know them. The only problem is that I don't know which one of them to use, that will do the work the way I want. The following is a list of things I want:

  • 1) In the application, when user clicks the Login button, something should open letting the user choose between the following alternatives: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter. The user should login with whatever account, which should be noted as authenticated.

  • 2) That account should then be user as an access token to authenticate to my server - so my server only accepts the token and check that it's valid.

The whole point of this is that I don't have to implement login mechanism on my server, but users are still authenticated against my server, so we can exchange some data, etc.

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